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As a research scientist in the medical devices industry, you are well aware of the challenges that come with developing new technology. Time and budget constraints are always a concern, and it can be difficult to find the right partner to help bring your project to fruition. There are several key factors to consider that will help ensure the success of your project and the longevity of your relationship.

Schivo has the appropriate industry and technical experience to be that essential partner. We possess a deep understanding of the medical devices market and the specific technology that you are working on. We also have a proven track record of successfully launching products that either augment existing technology or are entirely new, cutting edge developments. Schivo’s engineers and support staff are here to help you navigate the development process and bring your product to market on time and on budget.

You are also probably up against a funding clock, and want to get to market first. Schivo’s transparent, fast, responsive development process allows us to be the partner that can move quickly and efficiently to meet your needs. You will have a dedicated team in place that will work closely with you, and will be able to provide timely updates and progress reports from concept to shipment.

A Tailored Approach

Additionally, our robust engineering capabilities mean we have the resources and expertise necessary to design, develop, and test your product. Schivo’s future-proof thinking means we look beyond just the first project and envision production at scale, all to meet your needs and handle any necessary certifications and/or regulatory approvals.

It is also likely vital to you that any potential partner that understands your vision and is the right cultural fit. By our commitment to helping you achieve your goals, we at Schivo share your values, are willing to work closely with you to understand your needs, and ultimately to tailor our approach to best support your project.

At Schivo, we understand that finding a partner that possesses all of these attributes will help ensure that your project is launched on time and on budget, and will help to build a long-term, successful relationship. We encourage you to virtually tour our facilities or get in contact with one of our experts today to further discuss your needs and goals.


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