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Efficiency Meets Affordability

Having a manufacturing partner that understands the demands of a project can make all the difference. At Schivo, we are able to rapidly turn around quotes and stay mindful of your budget constraints. Because of our technical competencies and ability to reliably acquire parts, we speak your language and are here to meet your sub-assembly needs. Efficiency and affordability become seamless with Schivo.


Passing Quality Controls & Meeting Metrics

Having your production teams build from well-crafted sub-assemblies is a surefire way to pass quality controls and meet operational metrics. With Schivo, parts sourcing, fabrication, and rigorous testing are all performed in-house. When sub-assemblies arrive back at your facilities, they are fully ready to be placed within larger machinery.


An Accommodating Partner

Medical device production is a complex, non-linear business, which is why flexibility is so important. At Schivo, we can easily have prototype runs shipped to you for evaluation. We are also able to validate your design criteria, and build sub-assemblies according to class 7 and class 8 clean room standards. No matter the extenuating circumstances of your project, Schivo is ready to adapt to meet your sub-assembly needs.