Tiny parts designed with the big picture and final application in mind

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Standout Capability

While Schivo can machine a block of raw material into virtually any component of choice, we specialize in manufacturing near-microscopic components. Our standout capability is producing parts with a tolerance of just one micrometer (smaller than a red blood cell).


Putting Theory into Practice

Schivo not only excels in producing extremely small components, but also has a deep internal understanding of end-user needs. We will work closely with your in-house engineers and are capable of handling complex geometries and mass-producing parts with tight tolerances. Schivo's services and expertise goes beyond just producing parts; we have a solid grasp on how projects look on paper and also practical applications in the field.


Technical Expertise

At Schivo, we will make our manufacturing process fit your product instead of vice versa. This adaptability with our equipment and processes allows for unconventional methods when necessary, leading to a low scrap rate and cost-effective high volume production. Quality standards and timely delivery are maintained even with this flexibility, making Schivo a trusted choice even if you have unique and demanding requirements.