Single part outputs with one part number to market-ready full assemblies.

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Seamless Integration

When developing new medical device technology, seamless sub-assembly integration is extremely important for final assembly. At Schivo, we offer much more than just machining components. We have a deep understanding of how sub-assemblies work together, and the required steps to assemble a complete whole. This allows us to be a true partner to you instead of just a contract manufacturer.


Clearing Supply Chain Roadblocks

Imagine that you have quality, sustainable parts made, and you've identified critical interfaces where your parts will be used. But what if there are risks in your supply chain that might prevent your sub-assemblies from being moved along in production? Let Schivo mitigate that risk by building and packaging your full assemblies as well. We can add additional value by taking on the management of your supply chain.


Journeying Together

When you're developing entirely new technology or trying to find a way to improve current devices, you need quick scaling. We at Schivo are willing to make the necessary investments in infrastructure to accommodate the growth of our clients. You can expect transparent communication around production forecasts. This overachievement culture allows Schivo to save on inventory costs, account for future improvements, and exceed expectations.