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Experts in Minimally Invasive Device Solutions, Schivo have over 25 years of experience in the manufacture & development of complex components, sub-assemblies, & instruments for minimally invasive surgical systems.

Headquartered in Waterford, Ireland our 80,000 ft² manufacturing campus, ISO 13485:2016 Certification and dedicated R&D & NPI labs single Schivo out as the largest and best equipped independent Minimally Invasive Surgical contract manufacturer in Ireland.


Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices

Minimally invasive surgical procedures are increasingly popular with both doctors and patients as their less invasive nature leads to both fewer complications and shorter recovery times. As a result, the market has seen tremendous growth and rapid technological advancement since the turn of the century.

This focus on increasingly less invasive and laparoscopic procedures has led to the creation of ever more sophisticated tools and instrumentation many of which require micro components with incredibly tight tolerances.

At Schivo we lean on our 25 plus years of experience to manufacture products supporting customers across the minimally invasive surgery market, including Robotic Surgical Systems, Energy-Based Devices, and Endo-Mechanical Systems.


Robotic Surgery

Modern surgical techniques, in conjunction with the advent of robotic surgery is the leading evolutionary force behind the development of ever less invasive surgical tools and minute delivery systems. Medical robotics, and more specifically, the development of surgical robots for minimally invasive surgery, represents one of the fastest growing sectors in the medical devices industry with global market growth projected to continue year on year.

Schivo take a heavily DFM based approach when working with any of our Robotic Surgery clients ensuring a structured product development cycle with a view to minimising unit cost without compromising on quality.

Our core competencies in this area include;

    • Design & development of Neuro Surgical delivery systems.
    • Robotically controlled delivery catheters and instruments.
    • Manufacture of sub millimetre components.
    • Micro component & electro-mechanical device assembly.

Energy-Based Medical Devices

Energy-based medical devices are utilized across a myriad of therapeutic areas including; cardiovascular, orthopaedic, and urology. These devices allow for the controlled application of energy to the designated surgical location, enhancing surgical control. The devices themselves vary in design and complexity based on the type of energy they harness.

Schivo’s experience with energy-based medical devices covers the following areas;

    • Ultrasonic aspirator devices.
    • Cryogenic devices.
    • Powered energy and mechanically driven devices.
    • Complex geometries and micromachining of subcomponents

Endo-Mechanical Devices

Minimally Invasive endo-surgical techniques have become increasingly prevalent in the past 25 years. The reduced level of incision required in comparison to more traditional, open surgery techniques results in shorter recovery times and less physical trauma for the patient. Endo-mechanical tools are typically either inserted via a body cavity and make use of mechanical stress to access the surgical area or they utilize high frequency electrical current to cut, coagulate, and desiccate tissues.

In our 25+ years of experience in the minimally invasive surgical industry, Schivo have worked closely with each our clients to design and produce low profile devices with the flexibility, and navigability required by the Endo-Surgical and wider Minimally Invasive Surgical industries.

Schivo’s surgical products range from single pieces right up to complex assembled instruments for laparoscopic robotic surgical instruments and include;

    • Minimally Invasive Surgical Laparoscopy Tools.
    • SILS devices.
    • Minimally Invasive Articulating Surgical Tools.
    • Biopsy tools and devices.
    • Endoscopic suturing devices.
    • Closure and sealing devices.

Design For Manufacturing Approach

Schivo Medical’s dedicated NPI teams take a comprehensive design for manufacturing approach when working with any of our minimally invasive surgical component clients. This ensures that product development is structured and that communication between our design team and those of our clients is optimized throughout the process with the end result being an accelerated time to market, a lower unit cost and zero compromise on quality.

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