Medical Devices

Precision and innovation from a single-source med tech partner

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Value added from a single source

At Schivo, we consider our clients true partners, regardless of size. We work directly with your research and development personnel to augment your internal resources and deliver innovative solutions that meet your specific needs. Our internal continuous improvement principles, multiple cleanrooms, and supply chain management expertise make us extremely well-suited for the med tech space. Our powerful balance of reliability and raw cost, reduces both expensive re-work and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Set your project up for success

Navigating the complex path of bringing a med tech device to market is understandably daunting. By partnering with Schivo, you can leverage our deep technical and industry expertise to enhance the viability of your projects and deliver innovative instruments for laparoscopy, robotic surgery, endoscopy, and more.


Eliminate problems for end-users

Encountering an in-field failure can be a potential financial catastrophe. Schivo’s rigorous design for manufacturability process takes final device application into account from the beginning, vastly reducing the chances of customer complaint and costly product re-designs.