Life Sciences

Our capability in diagnostics and life sciences extends right up to the supply of completed complex electromechanical life support systems. From laboratory diagnostics to patient monitoring and life support systems, we have the capability to manufacture, assemble & test systems across this sector.

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Life Sciences

We can manufacture and supply your product across its fill manufacturing life cycle, and control the full product supply chain delivering our customers a completed and tested complex system, often in comparatively high volumes

Products we deliver in the life sciences space are in the areas of Mass Spectrometry, Immuno Assay, imaging, Life support, Radiotherapy, Proton Beam therapies, Anesthesia to name just a few

Radio frequency devices used in radio frequency therapies

Radio Frequency

devices used in radio frequency therapies

Mass Spectrometry full system built with electro-mechanical assemblies and testing

Mass Spectrometry

full system built with electromechanical assemblies and testing

Learn more about our extensive assembly and testing capabilities

Schivo have extensive experience in the life sciences and diagnostic sectors and use our electromechanically assembly capabilities to offer a one-stop solution to this sector

We manufacture, assemble and test these complex systems for analysis, diagnosis, therapeutic support and surgical intervention.

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Liquid chromatography
  • In-vitro diagnostics
  • Analytical instrumentation

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