Simplified Supply Chain

The entire supply chain in one place with a network of global providers, minimizing overhead and error

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Flexible, One-Source Solution

Vertically Integrated

Focusing on mass spectrometry and minimally invasive surgery, we participate in every element of the devices we produce. What we don’t make, we manage to help clients go from dealing with dozens of different vendors down to one. Partnering with Schivo reduces the risks, headaches, and cost that come from using multiple vendors to make different parts. Then sending those parts to an assembly house. Then somewhere else to test. And again, someplace else to package and ship.

Network of Global Providers

Having operated in the OEM contract manufacturing space since 1973, Schivo has built up the capabilities, capacity, and network of global providers to bring all capabilities together in one place. Minimizing overhead and room for error. Building on our many long-term vendor relationships, we use a stringent vetting process to maintain a diverse list of global vendors and suppliers that strategically meet all your needs from the mundane to the obscure.

Finished Devices & Market-Ready Assemblies

From single part outputs with one part number to market-ready full-assemblies, Schivo provides a solution that is packaged, sealed, sterilized, and shipped directly to your distribution sites. Complete with Device History Records (DHR’s) and meeting all FDA, CE & EUMDR standards. And because we know what happens after medical devices and diagnostic applications are manufactured is equally important as the product itself, we work with you in implementing a packing, labeling, and sterilization solution from the start.

Forecasting & Reporting

With service at the center of everything we do, we work to build partnerships based on our core values of integrity, consistency, communication, and collaboration. Our goal is to support you at every step from concept to commercial launch. By effectively managing inventory, providing timely reporting, and being responsive and transparent in our communication, we can better meet shipping goals, respond to changing lead times, create more accurate forecasting, and help ensure you are meeting your quarterly reporting goals.

Risk Mitigation & Disaster Planning

Recent years have highlighted the importance of being ready for anything. At Schivo, we ensure critical components are available when needed by maintaining a diversified supply chain and building redundancy into our list of qualified vendors. We’re expanding our global footprint to better serve clients as both first and second source. And our Disaster Recovery Plan policies and procedures are revisited annually to ensure we are prepared to prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from any emergency.