Volume Manufacturing and System Integration

Volume Manufacturing and System Integration


From custom builds to high-volume capacity, Schivo Medical promises world-class contract manufacturing.

We deliver on our promise by focusing on quality and on-time delivery. We work with you as a partner rather than in a customer-supplier way.

In particular, where we have worked on product design and development for you, it makes sense from a cost point of view to take advantage of our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities.

Assembly and test

In our dedicated assembly areas we offer full turnkey product assembly system integration for the assembly floor or cleanroom. This includes system build for precision-manufactured, fabricated and purchased materials. 

We create and implement operating procedures, test sub-assemblies and test for electromechanical system integration.

Entire supply chain management

We manage the entire supply chain. Having manufactured, assembled and tested a product, we have the capability to drop ship it globally for our partners. 

12 Reasons to use Schivo Medical to assemble and test your product:

  • Consistent product quality
  • Reduced manufacturing lead times
  • A fully vertically integrated manufacturing process
  • Lean Culture
  • Continuous improvement methodology
  • Project management
  • Technology transfer expertise
  • Enhanced supply chain expertise and economies of scale
  • Regulatory certified manufacturing environment including 
  • Reduced costs and controlled processes
  • Proven ramp-up capacity
  • Ability to provide global distribution, logistics, warranty and spare parts support

 If you are ready to form a strategic partnership with an established and experienced collaborator, get in touch today with Schivo Medical. 


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