Supply Chain Management

We offer a range of medium to high volume precision machining solutions at our manufacturing site in Waterford, Ireland.

We manage the entire supply chain.

Schivo has the experience in managing the entire supply chain for medical devices and full system built in the life science industries. Having manufactured, assembled and tested a product, we have the capability to drop ship it globally for our partners.

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Vertically integrated manufacturing process

In addition to controlling the supply chain on our customers behalf, we have developed significant expertise in many additional value add activities that would normally be subcontracted to a wide supply chain
By partnering with Schivo to assemble and test your product, our customer gain benefit of consistent product quality, reduced manufacturing lead times, a fully vertically integrated manufacturing process, reduce costs and having controlled processes.
Schivo has extensive experience in the purchase of raw materials and having skills in sourcing components we do not manufacture ourselves. Within the supply chain management, we provide full traceability on all components used during manufacturing of single components, sub-assemblies, complete devices or full system built.

Vertically integrated manufacturing process

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