Design and Development

We offer a range of medium to high volume precision machining solutions at our manufacturing site in Waterford (Ireland).

Design for Manufacture (DFM)

Schivo’s dedicated NPI teams take a comprehensive, stage-gate design for manufacture approach when working with any of our clients. This ensures that product development is structured and that communication between our design teams and those of our clients is optimized throughout the process with the end result being an accelerated time to market, a lower unit cost, and zero compromise on quality.

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Schivo’s Commitment To Effective DFM Helps To Accelerate Manufacturing, Reduce Costs & Deliver Accurate Repeatable Products

Reduced Manufacturing Costs with DFM

DFM principles are incorporated into all stages of Schivo’s product design, development and pilot manufacturing processes. We utilize a stage-gate design and development process to work in partnership with our customers. This approach structures the flow of product development, optimizing communication between Internal & Client design teams.

Taking this approach and committing this level of effort to the design process is vitally important for two reasons. Firstly, 80% of manufacturing costs are determined during the design phase. Secondly, alterations made post design freeze are highly expensive and often very difficult to achieve.

Incorporating a DFM approach into all stages of product design, development and pilot manufacturing processes results in lower unit costs, higher quality products, reliable manufacturing processes, and accelerated time to market for our clients.

Two employees using tools such as 3D CAD to create a virtual concept

How Schivo Utilize DFM Principles

  • Modern design tools such as 3D CAD allow us to create a virtual concept.
  • Finite element analysis allows us to evaluate and validate a concept’s mechanical properties and performance prior to manufacturing. This accelerates the design process by reducing design iterations, time and cost in reaching a final design.
  • 3D additive manufacturing technology enables computer-generated virtual models to be quickly and readily prototyped via our in-house 3D printing department.
  • Core business competencies in machining and fabrication allow us to link design directly to manufacturing, a critical aspect of the design process
  • Seamless integration of electrical/PLC capabilities as required by the design.
  • Our experience in assembly compliments the design process. Schivo possesses a unique understanding of product assembly needs arising from our existing assembly lines.

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