We partner with our customers in designing and developing complex components and instruments that use neurosurgical techniques to treat complex conditions. Contact us to learn more about our neurosurgical capabilities:

  • Cutting devices
  • Aspiration tools
  • Surgical instruments

We design and manufacture a diverse range of devices addressing clinical needs such as fragmenting and aspirating soft tissue and bone, ultrasonic irrigation and aspiration, and implantable effusion treatment. Contact us to learn more about our ENT capabilities:

  • Dissection and cutting drills
  • Aspiration devices
  • Inferior turbinate surgery products
  • Powered ENT instruments
  • Laryngectomy tubes

We offer development and manufacturing capabilities across each of the below key therapy areas, and partner with our customers to deliver a broad set of solutions from precision componentry through to complex assemblies. 

  • Endo mapping catheters
  • Distal detachment devices
  • Steerable handle components

We partner with our customers to develop and manufacture flexible and rigid minimally invasive surgical instruments such as those listed below for upper and lower GI therapies.

  • Energy assist devices
  • Endoscopic tools and devices
  • Clipping devices
  • Robotic Instruments
  • Biopsy tools and devices
  • BPH treatment devices

Our capabilities span the development and manufacture of a range of minimally invasive orthopaedic technologies including:

  • Trauma fixation plates and screws
  • Powered cutting instruments and accessories
  • Kyphoplasty devices
  • Nails and pins

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