From cutting and broaching applications, Neurological cutting instruments to long term Orthopedic implants we have significant expertise in the manufacture of components and systems for orthopedic therapies. The implants we manufacture range from skeletal central supports to bone replacement implants.



Products we manufacture for the orthopedic space are used for drilling, scaffolding, repair and fixture. In addition to the manufacture of the components we have significant expertise in the finishing of these products and biocompatibility verification.

  • Trauma fixation plates and screws
  • Powered cutting instruments and accessories
  • Kyphoplasty devices
  • Nails and pins


devices required for stabilizing and acute setting


instruments and tools required during spine surgeries



from large femoral to small joint implants

Our world-class design and manufacturing facilities comprise over 90,000 square feet of manufacturing space across two locations in Waterford, Ireland.

In addition to the manufacturing space, we have two clean rooms, a number of application development labs and over 75 precision machining systems. Our 140 team members work on a 24/7 basis to deliver the best solutions for you.

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