6 ways to deliver fast turnaround, accurate, cost effective metal prototypes

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6 ways to deliver fast turnaround, accurate, cost-effective metal prototypes

Additive manufacturing is an excellent way to run fast prototypes from both polymers and metal material but if you are looking to turnaround a device or sub-component in metal, additive manufacturing is still in its infancy and can be very expensive.

Precision machining is an excellent option, but it is wise to look for a partner that has the correct engineering expertise, the most up to date software and machines to support your build.

We spoke with our expert prototyping team to find out how to deliver accurate, cost-effective prototypes.

Run a “design and test” program before manufacturing

Our CAM software allows us to create, design and test programs, it allows us to troubleshoot your manufacturing requirements and greatly decrease turnaround time.

Design and create your own fixturing or work holding to make a component

A fixture reduces manufacturing time as it eliminates the need to constantly position and check the component. Creating our own fixturing eliminates the time waiting for 3rd party suppliers to create parts in order to start production. We have vast experience with single and multi-part fixturing for both bespoke and production parts.

Create a machining cycle simulation before you run production

We upload the custom fixturing/ work-holding into our software to recreate or dry run machining cycle safely and efficiently before we go to production. This eliminates errors and utilises machines to maximum potential.

Create and program processes to machine complex surfaces

Our machines both single and multi-axis are precisely calibrated to accurately control the speed, feed and depth of cut and axis movements, allowing complex geometries to be achieved on a highly repeatable process.

Create a tolerance comparison table

We can program your required tolerances into the software to ensure the components meet your specifications efficiently and cost-effectively.

Design and create your own custom tool geometry

As part of our expertise, we can provide solutions to machining issues and offer bespoke tooling requirements. We work with you to help eliminate design and concept challenges and advice on solutions that help cut costs on expensive tooling. This expertise allows for fast turnaround of prototypes (within 48hrs -part dependent).

Expert prototyping team at Schivo

Schivo Prototyping

Schivo has over 15 years’ experience in the Medical device sector. We precision machine components from a wide range of materials both standard and exotic, with tolerances from 0.004mm. Our in-house capabilities allow us to offer you a choice of precision machines from 3 to 12 axis machines. Our prototyping team of engineers provide expertise in programming, machining, tooling, from design for manufacturing to full product build.

We can also offer FD Additive printing capabilities for both polymers and metals as well as full electromechanical assembly and test from prototyping concept to finished product.

Facilities are ISO13458 certified with S21 Lean operations program and have Class 10K/ISO 7 cleanrooms available.

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