We help our customers to bring their products to market faster and at lower cost by providing a complete “end to end” solution.

Our experienced R&D team offers a broad suite of design and development capabilities tailored to the specific needs of each client. We are focused on developing, building and transforming ideas into reality. Using systematic design paradigms and a customer-centred approach, we draw on our expertise in mechanical and electrical design to synthesise fully integrated solutions. We can take a product from initial concept to full completion, packaged and ready for market.

We provide mechanical and electromechanical DFX solutions at all stages of development and production, including Design for Cost (DFC), Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA).

Schivo offers the complete solution for your R&D needs:

  • Modern design tools such as 3D CAD allow us to create a virtual concept
  • Finite Element Analysis allows us to evaluate and validate a concept’s mechanical properties and performance prior to manufacturing. This accelerates the design process by reducing design iterations, time and cost in reaching a final design.
  • 3D additive manufacturing technology enables computer generated virtual models to be quickly and readily prototyped via our in house 3D printing department.
  • Core business competencies in machining and fabrication allow us to link design directly to manufacturing, a critical aspect of the design process.
  • Seamless integration of electrical/PLC capabilities as required by the design.
  • Experience in assembly also compliments the design process. On the development of a product, Schivo possesses a unique understanding of product assembly needs arising from our existing assembly lines.

To assist our clients make the right manufacturing decisions, we use a wide range of CAD (Computer Aided Design) software tools, including:

  • Hypermill & Esprit CAM 5 Axis CAM
  • Delcam CAM Powermill 3D
  • Solidworks CAD Computer Aided Modelling
  • Radan 04
  • Pro/E Wildfire
  • AutoCad Inventor Pro Product Design