Precision Engineering

Providing more than just the components we create.

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Precision Engineering Capabilities

Precision Engineering is a core competency at Schivo since the company formed almost 50 years ago and we consistently expand our expertise in this area. We offer a range of medium to high volume precision machining solutions to suit your requirements

Using a wide range of materials including exotic plastics, metal components and special alloys to tight tolerances.

Precision engineering for medical devices is more than just components and Schivo have developed skills to ensure we can provide extensive service offerings that our customers require.

One of our engineers milling medical grade materials


We use a complete range of milling capabilities for all medical grade materials. Our machinery includes horizontal, vertical and full 5 axes milling capabilities across varied work-piece sizes.

a display of some our conventional turning tools

Conventional Turning

We have all the turning capabilities you would expect from a precision machining company, with dual spindle, quick turn lathes ensuring high quality and cost competitive turning applications. Our turning applications extend beyond traditional lathe configurations however, several of our machining centers have both turning and milling capabilities to ensure we can meet more complex components requirements in a cost-effective way.

an employee performing a final inspection before the medical device is packaged and labelled to specific requirements

High Accuracy Swiss Turning

Many Medical Device applications require two key product characteristics- small and extremely accurate. At Schivo we have invested in recent years in a suite of “Swiss turn” or “sliding head” machines. This enables us to manufacture large batch components that can be under 1mm diameter holding tolerances in the single micron range.

a sterilised product supplied by one of our partners in sterilisation management.


The ability to machine components is one thing, but in Medical Devices there is often a final finishing stage before the component can encounter a patient. We have significant expertise in final finishing, some examples include anodizing, passivation, coating, heat treatment and may others. All our finishing activities are undertaken with the same level of process controls that our machining applications enjoy.

a product that required regulatory support before the product could be supplied globally


Our value adds for our customers extends beyond just making components. We assemble robotic surgery instruments, diagnostic and therapeutic devices, and complex electromechanical medical systems in our suite of cleanrooms (ISO Class 7) and controlled white room assembly areas.  In most cases, the products leaving our assembly facilities are destined directly for the hands of the healthcare provider.

an engineer testing a product

Product Testing

When a product we manufacture leaves our facility, we want to be sure its fit for purpose, just as much as our customers do. Our testing capabilities range from dimensional inspection of components right up to bespoke functional and electrical testing of completed instruments and assemblies.

an engineer optimising a product design to maximise the manufacturability


The nature of the relationships we form with our customers means that we will often use our manufacturing expertise to assist customers in optimizing their product design to maximize the manufacturability, and therefore make the product more cost effective- but more importantly safer and more effective.  We view the flow of information between us and the customer as a two-way interaction!

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