Metal Solutions

We offer machining, metal finishing and component verification

An icon representing schivo's metal solutions capabilities

Metal Solutions

Machining and fabrication of products in a wide variety of metals and metal alloys, up to and including exotic alloys with extensive experience of metal finishing and treatment processes and Additive Manufacturing.

  • Machining
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Metal Finishing
  • Component Verification
One of our experienced engineers undertaking micro precision machining


We have experience machining metals in a wide range of machining configurations. With in-house capabilities in multi-axis milling, turning, grinding, deep hole drilling, electrical discharge machining, spark erosion, laser cutting, laser welding, sheet metal fabrication, laser machining, punch pressing and more.

Metal Finishing

Finishing of individual components is vital in Medical Devices, and Schivo has extensive experience in both the processing and control of these processes. We are intimately familiar with the requirements of processes such as Anodising, Passivation, Chromate conversions, Heat treatments, PTFE coatings, Powder & wet paint coatings, HVOF treatments and many more.

A project manager inspecting one of our metal finished components
An engineer overseeing component verification

Component Verification

Of course, in the Medical Devices industry product confidence is key, and we have the full range of capabilities for verification of our products, from dimensional inspection & verification to more specific verification requirements such as hardness testing, coating confirmation etc. Where a process cannot be measured, we develop innovative methods to validate the process on a product-specific basis.

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