Complex assemblies take place in one of our class7 cleanroom or white room

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At Schivo we have the infrastructural capacity to support new product implementation for customers requiring mechanical and electromechanical assembly product support with reduce assembly time. We work closely with our customers to ensure design and product assembly meets their expectations.

  • Cleanroom Electromechanical Assembly
  • White Room Instrumentation Assembly
one of our ISO certified assembly clean-rooms

Cleanroom Electromechanical Assembly

Our Class 10,000 & 100,000 (ISO classes 7 & 8) process a wide range of electromechanical diagnostic products and surgical instrumentation assemblies. For the products we supply our customers from these assembly areas, we completely own the supply chain and deliver a completed, tested product. In some applications, we deliver complex products directly to our customer’s customer!

Assembly capabilities in testing sub-assemblies and completed instruments, from supply chain to testing products in strictly controlled cleanroom & white room environments.

White Room Instrumentation Assembly

We partner with our customers to meet their specific requirements. For customers who don’t need the full use of a cleanroom for their product, we will undertake the assembly in one of our purpose-built white room assembly areas. All products assembled in these areas are manufactured in tightly controlled areas ensuring the final product is contaminant free.

an employee working in one of our contamination free white room assembly areas

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