Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Schivo Medical have extensive experience machining products from simple polymers such as Nylon right up to engineered polymers such as Delrin and PEEK. 

Our in-house Additive Manufacturing (AM) capabilities encompass the manipulation and machining of each of the following polymers;

  • ABS-M30I 
  • ABS-M30
  • ABSi
  • Derlin
  • Nylon 12
  • PC
  • PEEK
  • Polycarbonate ISO
  • PPSF
  • ULTEM 1010
Vertically integrated manufacturing process

What are the benefits of additive manufacturing for medical devices?


We understand that time and money are often critical when developing a new device. This process eliminates the time required to build tools to produce prototypes which allows us to offer our customers very fast turnarounds and therefore is an ideal solution for prototyping.

Complex Finishes

Materials such as photopolymers can accurately mimic human tissue, calcification, and bone structure.

Removes Conventional Machining Constraints

This can enable the development of a new innovative, design that allows you to reduce the size and streamline a device.

Functional Integration

Allows you to prove and test the performance of your device during the development stage.

What are the Advantages of Additive Manufacturing with Schivo?

Schivo combine over 20 years of experience building medical devices and life science systems with additive manufacturing capabilities to ensure your device/instrument concept incorporates the appropriate applications and best practices for the industry.


Facilities are ISO13458 certified with S21Lean operations program and have Class 10K/ISO7 cleanrooms available

Design for manufacture

We can design for manufacture to determine the most cost-effective fastest method to ramp your product concept.

In house capabilities for full product build and test

Customers can choose from our in-house capabilities from machining, fabrication, coatings and assembly to build and package your device or subassembly ready to ship. The manufacturing process is supported by full or subsystem test and verification activities.

Schivos commitment to high volume manufacturing processes

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